Understand Myself

The Understand Myself assessment and report is based on the Big Five Aspects Scale, the scientific model that describes your personality through the (Big Five) factors and each of their two aspects.

Individual Report

The assessment only takes 15-20 minutes. Your resulting report will give you a comprehensive description of the factors and aspects of your own personality.

You will, for example, learn how agreeable you are relative to others, and how your Agreeableness breaks down into the aspects of Compassion and Politeness (deference to authority and social norms). You will also learn how these aspects of your personality influence how you act towards and react against the various people and situations you find yourself dealing with every day.

Just for Me

Individual Assessment


Relationship/Couple Report

To create a Relationship/Couple report, both you and your romantic partner must each complete your own assessment. When you have both completed your own assessments, you can connect them to access a relationship report.

The report includes your own scores, your partner's scores, and a description of what you may expect from being in a romantic relationship together.

For My Partner and Me

Assessment + Voucher



You may have already completed the assessment. To create a relationship report with your partner, your partner must also complete it.

You can get the assessment for your partner by purchasing a voucher. Once you complete the purchase, the voucher will be added to your My Work page. From there, you can email it to your partner. Once your partner completes the assessment, you can connect your assessments to create a relationship report.

Of course, you can also use vouchers to purchase an individual assessment for a friend or family member (you are not required to create a relationship report). Vouchers are also available in bundles of 5, 10, or 20 for a discount.

Assessment Voucher(s)

For Your Partner or Friend(s)


Also available in bundles of 5, 10, 20

To learn more about the Understand Myself Personality Assessment and Report, please click here.

If you run into difficulties, or if you have any questions, please contact support at admin@understandmyself.com.